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26-27 JUNE 2014


Im/politeness and Interaction



Call for papers
The aim of the conference is to provide an interdisciplinary platform for discussion over linguistic and nonlinguistic im/polite behaviour across languages and cultures. The focus of the conference will be pragmatic and sociolinguistic aspects of im/polite behaviour analysed both in terms of verbal and nonverbal communication, however we also welcome presentations across a wide variety of topics stemming from neighbouring fields of research, such as social studies, political studies, psychology, intercultural communication, media studies, etc. Talks will be scheduled for 20 minutes, with 10 minutes afterwards for discussion and questions. Presentations may be empirical or theoretical. 



Derek Bousfield -Manchester Metropolitan University
Marta Dynel - University of Łódź
Dániel Kádár - Huddersfield University
Rosina Marquez Reiter - University of Surrey
The proposed topics for papers include, but are not limited to: 
theoretical frameworks
- Neo-Gricean approaches to impoliteness
- Discursive approaches to impoliteness
- Relevance-theoretic approach to impoliteness
- Cognitive linguistics in impoliteness research
- Corpus-based studies of impoliteness
- Sociolinguistic aspects of impoliteness
- Pragmatic approaches to impoliteness, etc.
Categories of description
- disagreement
- rudeness
- ignorance
- aggravation
- offence
- verbal aggression
- sarcasm
- mock politeness
- humour and impoliteness
- using taboo words
- swearing and expletives, etc. 
- politeness vs. impoliteness
Possible scope of empirical studies
- im/politeness in translation (including literary and audiovisual translation, in particular in subtitles)
- im/politeness in computer-mediated discourse
- im/politeness in courtship setting
- im/politeness in educational setting
- im/politeness in institutional setting
- im/politeness in interpersonal setting (face-face and multi-party conversations)
- im/politeness across dialects and genres
- im/politeness and power
- im/politeness and identity
- im/politeness and miscommunication
- intentional and unintentional im/politeness
- im/politeness perception and interpretation
- im/politeness strategies
- im/politeness and rapport management
- linguistic and nonlinguistic im/politeness 
- im/politeness and prosody
- multimodal approaches to im/politeness
- impoliteness as expression of solidarity, etc. 

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1 APRIL 2014
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20 April 2014
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30 April 2014
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15 May 2014
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25 April 2014
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